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Tomomi Yamaguchi, Sociology & Anthropology

Tomomi Yamaguchi

Tomomi Yamaguchi is an assistant professor of anthropology at Montana State University, specializing in feminism, nationalism and social movements in contemporary Japan. While teaching issues related to the atomic bomb and energy in her classes on sociocultural anthropology and Japan, she became an organizer of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-bomb Peace Series in Bozeman, MT for which she organized a photo exhibition, a film series as well as talks featuring an A-bomb survivor. For two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012, she co-organized the Atomic Age symposiums at the University of Chicago, which invited both academics and activists engaged in issues on atomic weaponry and energy.

Yamaguchi recently published a co-authored book, Social Movements at a Crossroads: Feminism's “Lost Years” vs. Grassroots Conservatism, in Japanese on the anti-feminist backlash in Japan since the mid-1990s. The study began as her attempt as a feminist scholar/activist to fight against backlash. Her ongoing attempt to contribute to feminist activism in Japan also led to her joining some book-making projects by a Japanese feminist group on their activist history.

She is currently working on a book manuscript about a dissolved Japanese feminist group and its attempt to represent the history of Japanese feminism from the 1970s to 1990s. She is compiling historical documents, newsletters and leaflets from the feminist group and conducting interviews with the former members of the group. She is also currently studying the so-called “new” rightwing, racist and xenophobic movement against Koreans and other minorities in Japan.

While conducting research, she is engaged in the counter-movement against racism in Japan as an activist/scholar. All of these engagement activities are used as core materials in her research and teaching at MSU. 

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