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Gina K. Himes Boor
Assistant Research Professor

About Daniel Goodman



The purpose of this symposium is to honor our friend and mentor Dr. Daniel Goodman who died unexpectedly on November 14, 2012.  The symposium has been organized around the broad topics that Dr. Goodman worked on during his prolific career: marine mammal and fisheries management, ecosystem modeling, Bayesian statistics, ecological decision-making and risk assessment, population viability analysis, Endangered Species Act policy, and environmental monitoring.

Dr. Goodman was a professor at Montana State University in the Biology and Ecology Departments for over 31 years where he dedicated much of his research career and studies to mathematical modeling and statistical analyses of endangered species. He also served as a consultant and advisor to numerous governmental and private agencies including NOAA, the Marine Mammal Commission, EPA, the Northwest Power Planning Council, the National Marine Fisheries Service, The National Academy of Sciences, and many others. Dr. Goodman’s remarkable ability to assess complex problems, describe them clearly, and offer highly thoughtful and scientifically-sound solutions was sought after by those he worked with in these agencies. He was an expert in, and a strong advocate of, structured decision-making in natural resource management by the U.S. agencies with which he worked. His work has had — and will continue to have — a substantial influence on environmental conservation in the United States.

Daniel Goodman's CV

Memorial for Daniel Goodman published in the October 9, 2013 issue of the journal Marine Mammal Science

For a complete list Dr. Goodman’s publications and reports, or to obtain copies, please contact us at