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Symposium Organizer

Gina K. Himes Boor
Assistant Research Professor

Daniel Goodman Memorial Symposium Event Overview

Please join us for the Daniel Goodman Memorial Symposium to be held March 20-21, 2014 at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.  The theme of the symposium is Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Risk Assessment and the Best Available Science.

The purpose of the symposium is to explore ways to improve how scientists and managers use ecological data and analyses to inform policy and decision-making, taking into account the uncertainty inherent in ecological data and predicted outcomes of management actions. Symposium speakers will address this theme in the context of marine mammal and fisheries management, ecosystem modeling, Bayesian statistics, ecological risk assessment and population viability analysis, U.S. Endangered Species Act policy, and environmental monitoring.

The symposium was inspired by the work of the late Dr. Daniel Goodman, Professor of Biology and Ecology at Montana State University, who advocated for structured decision-making for species management and environmental monitoring in the U.S. agencies with which he worked (e.g., the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Marine Mammal Commission). His work has had a substantial influence on the how decision-makers in these agencies think about uncertainty and risk in the context of species- and ecosystem-management and environmental monitoring. Dr. Goodman passed away unexpectedly in November 2012.  Those that worked with him and learned from him were inspired to put on this symposium to honor his contributions to applied ecology, environmental management, and conservation biology.

Symposium Invitation