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MSU Humanities Institute

Morgan Cunningham and Elizabeth E. Miller are the recipients of the 2011 Harold Watling Scholarship recognizing outstanding achievement at Montana State University-Bozeman.

Susan Gibson received the 2011 L&S Outstanding Teaching Award. She teaches anatomy courses to both undergraduate and medical school students. Gibson also provides experiential learning experiences by taking students to Mongolia each summer to provide much needed healthcare in rural communities. Read more

Cory Wood was recognized as one of the top seniors at MSU with the 2011 Alumni Association and Bozeman Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence. Read more

Recent graduate Bridgett McNulty won a prestigious fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. The $30,000 fellowship will fund a year of research, with an option to continue for a second year, at the NIH campus in Bethesda, Md. Read more

MSU received a $1.2 million, four-year Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) award to better integrate biomedical curriculum, fund undergraduate research and continue the MT Apprenticeship Program, which brings Native American high school students to MSU to help prepare them for college. Read more

The Humanities Institute continues to partner with various organizations to bring some of the most influential thinkers to MSU. For a complete list of upcoming events, please CLICK HERE

In partnership with the MSU Leadership Institute, the Humanities Institute is co-sponsoring Dr. Maya Angelou's public lecture on September 13th. For further information as it becomes available, please CLICK HERE

In partnership with the American Computer Museum, the Humanities Institute is co-sponsoring a series of events on October 6th featuring Dr. E.O. Wilson and the presentation of the E.O. Wilson Awards for Biodiversity.  For more information as it becomes available CLICK HERE


The MSU Humanities Institute is a place where scholars, policymakers, community leaders, and members of the public come together to explore the important cultural concerns of our community, our region, our nation, and our planet. The Institute hosts scholars and lecturers from around the world, provides performing arts events, and offers educational opportunities for the community.

The goals of the Humanities Institute

  • Advancing knowledge across and between the disciplines
  • Building campus and community partnerships
  • Creating a spirit of civic engagement
  • Inspiring new ways of thinking about local, regional, national, and global challenges

Humanities Institute mission statement

The MSU Humanities Institute promotes collaboration between the humanities, sciences, and arts to better prepare Montanans to ask the right questions about the future and come up with the best answers for the challenges that await us in the twenty-first century. The Humanities Institute is dedicated to addressing the human prospect not in isolation from the broader community, but in collaboration with those who produce and apply knowledge beyond the physical boundaries of campus.