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Women's & Gender Studies Committee Co-Chairs:

Mary Murphy

Kristen Intemann


WGS Faculty: Jessi Smith

Jessi Smith

Name: Jessi Smith
Department: Department of Psychology
Departmental webpage: LINK

Women's & Gender Studies courses taught: Psychology of Gender; Psychology of Prejudice

Research interests: Dr. Smith’s interests span three areas: intrinsic motivation, goals, and stereotype processes, particularly as they relate to gender and achievement.  Her research emphasizes the role gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation play in understanding both the perceiver’s standpoint (application of stereotypes) and the target’s experience (how does it feel to be the victim of the stereotype).  Currently supported with funding from the National Science Foundation as well as the National Institutes of Health, her research is grounded in experimental methodology and has been applied to educational, political, and health related domains.

Updated: 10/11/2011