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Women's & Gender Studies Committee Co-Chairs:

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Women's & Gender Studies Minor Requirements

Students minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies must complete the following three components, totaling 21 credits or seven three-credit courses. Click HERE for a printable WORKSHEET.

1) WS 201IH: Introduction to Feminist Theories & Methodologies (3 credits)

This course provides the framework for the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor at Montana State University. It offers a grounding in basic feminist theory and methodology; an examination of the various schools of thought which have addressed sex inequity; a review of the strategies of cultural criticism which incorporate gender as a category of analysis; and an intro-duction to major directions in feminist scholarship. This course fulfills three credits of the Humanities Inquiry core curriculum requirement.

2) WS 301R: Integrative Seminar in Women’s & Gender Studies (3 credits)

The integrative seminar builds on the theoretical background students develop in the introductory and foundation courses. The course focus varies from year to year and has addressed such topics as Renaissance women, women in the media, and ecofeminism. Students in the seminar develop a seminar paper involving inter- disciplinary research on a women’s studies topic. This course fulfills 3 credits of Humanities Research core requirement.

3) Choose one option (15 credits)

A. Senior Capstone Project Option
Students have the option to design a senior project that reflects their academic interests. The senior project consists of one course in any discipline (3 credits) and an independent study course that culminates in a senior paper (3 credits). The course in the discipline provides the foundation for the independent study and senior paper. For example, a student might take the course Political Movements and Change (POLS334) in preparation for independent study on the role of women in social change movements. Students consult their advisor and other faculty in proposing their senior capstone project. Students must submit a capstone project proposal and a signed minor advising worksheet to the minor committee for approval the semester before the proposed work is to be completed. Every spring semester, students present their capstone projects at a public reception. In addition students need to choose 3 foundation courses from the list below.

B. Foundation Course Option
Students select 5 foundation courses from the list below. Course substitutions must be approved by the Women’s and Gender Studies Committee.

List of Foundation Courses:

Anth 347 Gender and Sexuality in Japan

Anth 431 Social Movements in Japan

Lit 335 Women and Literature

Lit 431RH Studies in Major Authors (when applicable)

HDCF 263 Relationships and Family Systems (online course)

HDCF 263 Relationships and Family System

HDCF 425R Family Law and Public Policy

HDCF 440 Parenting (online course)

HDCF 464 Gender, Social Class and Family Diversity

HDCO 556 Sexuality Counseling

HDCO 480 The Study of Men and Masculinity

HDHL 240 Human Sexuality (online course)

HDHL 240 Human Sexuality

HDHL 455 The Ethic of Care

HSTA 407 Gender in US/Canadian West

HSTA 408 Gender in America

HSTR 444 Japanese Women's History

HSTR 410 Family, Gender and Law in Ancient Greece and Rome

HSTR 434 Gender, Sexuality and Social Change in Latin America

HSTR 415 Gender and Technology

HSTR 443 Gender in Asia

Hum 204 Gender and Sexuality

JPNS 325 Women in Japanese Literature and Culture

Lit 326 19th Century British Literature

LIT 335 Women & Literature

MTA 377 Movies and Politics: Whiteness and Masculinity in the Cinema

NAS 405 Gender Issues in Native American Studies

Phil 363 Philosophy and Feminism

PSYX 335 Psychology of Gender

PSYX 235D Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality

PSYX 462 Psychology of Prejudice

Rel Stud 321 Gender and Religion

SOCI 326 Sociology of Gender

SOCI 434 Sociology of Human Sexuality

SOCO 436 Law and Inequality

SPNS 470R Capstone: Latin American Women at War (in Spanish)

WS 201IH Introduction to Feminist Theory and Methods

WS 301RH Integrative Seminar - Gender, Migration, Power: The Latina Experience

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