Kollin portrait

Distinguished Professor Lecture

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012
Place: Procrastinator Theater, Strand Union Building
Time: 4:10 PM

Title: On the “Ragged Margins” of History: Burdens of Truth and National Identity in the Post-9/11 American Novel


Dr. Kollin will trace developments in the post-9/11 novel, an emerging subgenre of American literature, for the ways it foregrounds problems related to trauma, difference and conflict. By examining the questions, concerns and insights explored in contemporary U.S. fiction, she offers a case for the increased value and importance of literary and cultural studies for the 21st century.

About the speaker

Kollin has taught at MSU since 1995. She is a national and international theorist and critic in the areas of western American literature and film, environmental criticism and feminist theory. Kollin has challenged the definition of the American West in her book "Nature’s State," and an edited collection of essays," Postwestern Cultures: Literature, Theory and Space." She is currently on sabbatical and working on a new book.