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Highlights from 2014

David Parker, political science, provides commentary on allegations that U.S. Senator John Walsh's thesis written for the U.S. Army War College contains unattributed passages that appear to be taken word-for-word from previously published papers. Billings Gazette (7/23/14), WECT (7/24/14), Missoulian (7/23/14)

MSU will be the lead institution on a new $10 million, four-year project to form a research center focused on innovative energy research. John Peters, chemistry, is the lead principal investigator on the proposal and will direct the center. (7/11/14)

Earth Sciences doctoral candidate John Scannella and three co-authors reveal new insights into the evolution of Triceratops, based on more than 50 specimens that have been collected in recent years from the Hell Creek Formation in Eastern Montana. KPTV (7/1/14), (6/30/14), KWCH (7/1/14), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (7/4/14), Sci-Tech Today (7/3/14)

Seth Walk, assistant professor in microbiology and immunology, was awarded a $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Walk will use the grant to develop a new tool to study gastrointestinal tract dysbiosis. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (6/5/14), MSU News (6/4/14)

Ben Poulter, ecology, and colleagues recently had results of a study published in the journal Nature. They found that dryland ecosystems, which include deserts to dry-shrublands, play a more important role in the global carbon cycle than previously thought. Climate News Network (6/1/14)

Bob Garrott and Jay Rotella, ecology, are heading a massive new study to understand why the number of bighorn sheep is so low in Montana. The $1.2 million, six-year collaborative research project will investigate the complex issue from all angles and levels, ranging from the molecular to the ecosystem. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (5/31/14), Helena Independant Record (6/1/14), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (6/1/14)

L.J. Krumenacker, a doctoral student in earth sciences, and MSU paleontologist David Varricchio are part of a research team that discovered the most productive and diverse dinosaur fossil site known in Idaho. (5/21/14), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (5/27/14), Missoulian (6/7/14), Billings Gazette (6/7/14)

Maggie Greene, history, scanned and uploaded vintage 'Star Wars' comic books to the internet on her blog. Greene purchased the books for roughly one American dollar at a Shanghai book fair while researching her dissertation between 2010 and 2011. South China Morning Post (5/26/14), Rolling Stone (5/28/14), Shanghaiist (6/3/14)

Berk Knighton, chemistry, is interviewed for this article about a BOREALIS high-altitute ballooning project. Knighton is the flight director for the Montana Space Grant Consortium's BOREALIS program. A team of students successfully designed a valve allowing them to control how long and high to fly the balloon before commanding a tiny tethered dart to pop the latex. (4/26/14)

Research by Vince Smith, Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, is mentioned in this Washington Post op-ed by George Will. Washington Post (4/14/14)

Steven Kalinowski, ecology, is quoted in this article about a research project he is involved in examining wildlife crossings spanning the Trans-Canada Highway. Kalinowski and his colleagues have found that the crossings are effective at allowing grizzly and black bears to spread their genes. The results of the study were published in the British journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B." Billings Gazette (2/23/14)

Article about psychology professor Jessi Smith's study that found that gender norms about modesty help explain why women don’t feel comfortable bragging about their own accomplishments. TIME (1/20/14), MSU News (1/10/14), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (1/13/14)

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