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Create: Hands-On Learning Experiences

Students at in the College of Letters & Science are encouraged to pursue their specific interests by immersing themselves in creative and/or research experiences. Talented professors work closely with students to help them focus their work and develop their ideas.

Students prepare exhibit of ancient artifacts for display at MSU Library
Archeology students Betsy Garten and Meghan Forney helped research, write and design an exhibit featuring ancient artifacts excavated by the famous archeologists Mary and Louis Leakey. The exhibit, which was displayed at Montana State University's Renne Library, includes a number of replica skulls from early human ancestors.The students also catalogued the items for inclusion in an international database on Paleolithic artifacts from Kenya now held in collections worldwide. Read more...

Teaching Native American history from a Native viewpoint
Before the summer of 2011, Francine Spang-Willis had never considered working on a remote national forest as an interpretive ranger. But when Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest contacted MSU’s Native American Studies Department regarding an opportunity to educate the public about the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Willis jumped at the chance. Read more...

Student joins archaeological team to help unearth relics from Crow Tribe's past
One might not automatically associate archaeology with the Montana Department of Transportation. But because of a MDOT road widening project commencing in 2012 on Highway 78 just south of Absarokee, clues about the Crow Tribe’s wrenching transition from its traditional way of life to a sedentary one on a reservation are slowly being unearthed. And MSU students, including senior Victoria Bochniak, have played a key role in the process. Read more...
Field Trip Provides Students a Sense of Where and How Prehistoric People Live
In September 2011, visiting professor Craig Lee and a group of students from his “North American Archeology” class trekked to the Shields Valley to better understand the landscape that encompassed the lives of Pleistocene peoples. The group, said Lee, wanted to get “a sense of the land” and experience a place where early Native Americans lived. Read more...
MSU students learn and teach in Mali, Africa
The “Virtual Teaching and Learning Center for Alleviating Rural Poverty and Valuing Traditional Ecological Wealth” program allows students to travel to Mali in West Africa and collaborate with villagers on their goals to fight malaria, preserve their culture and improve educational resources. Students have the opportunity to use their business and language skills working in a foreign country. Read more...
Montana college students chosen to study dinosaur eggs in China
Nine Montana college students considering careers in research spent the summer in southeast China studying dinosaur eggs with unusually thick, but porous shells. Selected for a six-week experience organized by Montana State University, eight of the students are undergraduates, and one is working on his master's degree. Six of the undergraduates are MSU students. Read more...
MSU satellite to accompany NASA mission into space
A small research satellite that Montana State University students built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first successful U.S. satellite will ride into space during the fall of 2010 on a NASA launch. Approximately 125 undergraduate students have worked on this satellite in some capacity since the summer of 2006. Read more...
English class pays it forward, Project Iris Garden
A group of students concerned about sustainability issues were scratching their heads and wondering how to get a project going in Danforth Park. Fortunately, Jill Davis’ English 221 (Intermediate Technical Writing) class heard about the project and selected it for their service learning project. The students were involved in every aspect of this major campus park renovation. Read more...
MSU students visit Greece to discover the origins of democracy
Economics students traveled to Greece to discover the origins of democracy first hand. It was the culminating lesson for professors Rob Fleck and Andy Hanssen's class: economic institutions and economic performance in a global context. Fleck and Hanssen hoped that a trip to Greece would help students better understand the role of ancient Greek institutions in forming that culture. Read more...
Ancient cave draws MSU archaeologists to southeast Montana
Four undergraduate students were part of a team that excavated a rock shelter in southeast Montana during the summer of 2008. The students got to do everything graduate students would've done if MSU's Department of Sociology and Anthropology had a graduate program. They recorded anything they found and placed it in plastic bags for later study. Read more...
Microbiology student's research is a breath of fresh air
Sheffield, together with Kelsy Broadaway, now an epidemiology graduate student, took air quality samples from various areas in the Gallatin Valley in order to assess the potential for human health impacts. She presented the results of her study at several meetings with the Gallatin Valley Health Board, and at other presentations both on campus and across the state. Read more...