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Discover: Leading Research and Creativity

Accomplished faculty researchers interact with students in the College of Letters & Science to combine a strong background in scientific principles, theory, ethics, and techniques with the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas, some with the potential to adddress significant global issues.

MSU scientist part of international study showing more efficient forests in 20th century
MSU researcher part of team that discovers the sun has seasons
MSU and partners receive $14.5 million to establish center for detecting gravitational waves
MSU team publishes findings about backup system that helps sustain liver during crisis
MSU team will study Montana forest to help forests across West
MSU professor’s study finds financial education programs improve credit outcomes for young adults
MSU grad student grew up with turtles, now he publishes findings about their ancestors
MSU grad student discovers important molecule in fight against lung infections
MSU-led research finds cause for decline of Missouri River pallid sturgeon
MSU-based study finds underrepresented students study science if they believe it helps their community
Encounter by MSU, Chinese paleontologists leads to new paper on origin of birds
MSU chemists solve long-standing problem, explain in international journal
MSU prof takes a serious look at Brad Pitt
MSU researcher investigates potential role for microbes in central Montana refuge
MSU, Bozeman schools involved in national math study
MSU work on science satellite leads to major publishing achievement
MSU researcher to help lead $7 million project into rock-powered life
On the road again, MSU professor gains new insights into American West
MSU professor contributes to international carbon predictions
MSU professor continues to spotlight African wild dogs
MSU team determines structure of a molecular machine that targets viral DNA for destruction
MSU paper describes how DNA avoids damage from UV light
MSU team announces new insights about evolving Triceratops in Montana’s Hell Creek Formation
MSU-led team receives $10 million to pursue innovative research in energy
Teams comb Flathead Indian Reservation for clues about ancient, recent fires
MSU, FWP collaborate on $1.2 million research project to investigate bighorn sheep
MSU study: dryland ecosystems emerge as driver in global carbon cycle
MSU paleontologists discover the most diverse dinosaur fossil site yet found in Idaho
Montanans ate less candy, planted more vegetables, tattled a bit during World War I
MSU study proves that wildlife crossing structures promote 'gene flow' in Banff bears
MSU joins worldwide effort to better understand the sun
Understanding coyote howls, yips could have wider implications
Bragging rights: MSU study shows that interventions help women's reluctance to discuss accomplishments
MSU team overcomes challenges, proves that microbes swim to hydrogen gas