Date Department Speaker Details
9/29/11 Mathematical Sciences Andrew Lo, MIT Sloan School of Management LINK
10/12/11 Political Science Brian Duff, University of New England LINK
10/25/11 History & Philosophy Timothy Beal & William Deal, Case Western Reserve University LINK
11/14/11 Modern Languages & Literatures Yu Hua, contemporary Chinese novelist LINK


P. Lynne Howell, University of Toronto, Canada LINK
12/9/11 Chemistry & Biochemistry George C. Schatz, Northwestern University LINK
2/1/12 Earth Sciences Alexander MacDonald, NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab LINK
3/22/12 Psychology Judith Harackiewicz, University of Wisconsin-Madison LINK
4/20/12 Physics David Levy, Jarnac Observatory, Inc. LINK