Josiah Ober

Josiah Ober

Speaker: Josiah Ober, Mitsotakis Professor, Department of Classics, Stanford University

Date: Friday, March 30, 2018
Time: 6 PM
Place: Hager Auditorium, Museum of the Rockies

Title: "Demopolis": What Questions Might 4th Century BCE Athens Have for Us About Democracy?

Sponsoring program: American Studies


Does the theory and practice of democracy in ancient Greece have relevance to the American republic today? Josiah Ober's lecture is based on his book "Demopolis" (Cambridge, 2017), an examination of democracy before the advent of liberalism.  What questions should we ask about democracy today?  What can we learn from ancient Athens?  What are the alternatives to oligarchy and tyranny?  More than simply a rehashing of his book, his lecture will carry the lessons to be learned from Greek democracy into our own present (and future).

About the speaker:

Josiah Ober is the leading authority on democracy in ancient Athens. He has held distinguished professorships at Princeton, Stanford and (long ago) Montana State University. He is the author of a number of books, mostly published by Princeton University Press, including "Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens" (1989), "Political Dissent in Democratic Athens" (2008), "Democracy and Knowledge" (2008). He has also published about 75 articles and chapters, including recent articles in American Political Science Review, Philosophical Studies, Hesperia, Polis, and Transactions of the American Philological Association. His books have been translated into French, German, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Turkish.