Date Speaker YouTube Link
2/2/17 John Rush, M.D., Professor Emeritus at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, National University of Singapore and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine LINK
9/13/16 Lyn English, Professor of Education, School of Curriculum, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia LINK
4/16/15 Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer-winning author and journalist LINK
1/27/15 Matthew Byerly, Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Jason DeShaw, a Montana Country-Western singer with Bipolar Disorder
10/9/14 John Sides, Professor of Political Science, George Washington University LINK
5/12/14 Sybilla Beckmann, Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia LINK
11/6/13 Julie Cajune, award-winning educator, historian and documentary film producer LINK
10/29/13 Darden Pyron, Florida International University LINK
10/11/13 Deborah Levy, Harvard Medical School, and Jessie Close and her son Calen Pick of Bozeman LINK
9/25/13 Marcia Coyle, Chief Washington Correspondent, The National Law Journal LINK
3/7/13 John Delaney, University of Washington LINK
2/6/13 Thomas Mann, Brookings Institute and Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute LINK
8/27/12 Henry L. Roediger, III, Washington University LINK
11/14/11 Yu Hua, contemporary Chinese novelist LINK
10/25/11 Timothy Beal & William Deal, Case Western Reserve University LINK