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Submitting a Proposal

Award-winning Native filmmaker
Alanis Obomsawin

Departments may apply to fund one speaker each academic year. Applications will be solicited each spring for the following academic year. Grant requests may be submitted for a maximum of $1,000. A 50 percent match of actual costs up to $2,000 will be required from departments receiving F&A return or possessing other resources such as development funds. For departments without such resources, requests for funds in excess of $1,000 may be considered.  All requests are competitively reviewed in the Dean's office.

Please note that applications must come through the department, not from an individual faculty member.

Departmental responsibilities: Once a departmental application for the program is selected, the department is responsible for finalizing the dates and making all of the arrangements for the public talk, including setting the time and reserving a space, as well as all other necessary travel arrangements and paperwork. The public talk is meant to appeal to a general campus and community audience, and should be held in an appropriate venue (Procrastinator Theater, Gaines Hall 101, Hager Auditorium or the Byker Auditorium) and at an appropriate time (preferably at 4 pm or in the evening).

Speakers need to be spread throughout the year (we are planning for no more than two per month with no overlapping dates). To make this distribution possible, please check with Jennifer Storment before finalizing dates with your speaker. 

In order to make a poster for the series as well as for individual talks, the following must be provided to Jody Sanford by August 9 for fall semester talks and December 9 for spring semester talks: speaker name and title, title for the public talk, and the place/time/date for the public talk. No later than four weeks before the public talk, the following additional information must be provided to Jody:

  1. A brief professional biography for the speaker (no more than 8 sentences)
  2. A photo (if a high quality professional portrait is available)
  3. A brief summary of the topic (5 to 6 sentences)

It is expected that the departments will also arrange for departmental seminars, masters classes, etc. with the speaker.

College responsibilities: In addition to providing financial assistance for bringing these speakers to campus, the college will help with the publicizing of the public talks, including:

•     Press release (coordinated with MSU News) and MSU Today announcement
•     MSU /L&S Events Calendar and Bobcat Bulletin
•     Post information on the L&S Distinguished Speakers Series website
•     Poster design and printing
•     Postcard design, printing and mailing to local alumni and donors