Requirements and Schedule

In order to help you plan completion of your K-12 Library Media certification program we are listing upcoming courses from 2013-2015. It is possible that we may add a course or two as needs dictate or that a course might be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please remember that this certification program/endorsement must be added to an existing teaching certificate.

Graduate Level Library Media Certification Program

  • EDCI 522 3 cr. Information Resources & Services
  • EDCI 545 3 cr. Organization of Information in School Library Media Center
  • EDCI 546 3 cr. The School Library Media Specialist
  • EDCI 547 3 cr. Information Inquiry and Educational Change
  • EDCI 548 3 cr. Management of Information and Resources
  • EDCI 549 3 cr. Applications of Literature for Children and Young Adults
  • EDCI 598 3 cr. Internship
  • EDCI 580 3 cr. If offered, course topics will vary and may substitute for EDCI 598. Must be approved by Dr. Ewbank.
Semester Courses
Fall EDCI 545 EDCI 547      
Spring EDCI 522 EDCI 549      
Summer EDCI 546 EDCI 548 EDCI 598    

*Note: EDCI 580 topics, if offered, will vary and may substitute for EDCI 598 (Internship) for those teachers already working in a school library media center. Contact Dr. Ewank.