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Login Simplification - Transition to NetID FAQ

Why are we doing this?
The transition to NetID is one big step in the overall effort to reduce the number of usernames and passwords that students, faculty, and staff have to remember at MSU. Accomplishing this is more complex than it might appear at first glance. Each of the different systems on campus that have different requirements for access must be reconfigured to use the same username/password. Transitioning to the NetID moves us much closer toward the end goal of login simplification- having just one username/password to remember.
What is a NetID?
The NetID is a 7-character mixture of lower case letters and numerals in the format of a12b345. Because the NetID is not based on an individual's name it eliminates the ongoing administrative costs of managing name-based usernames. Names change and more than one person can share the same name (think Jane Smith). To get an idea of the effort required by a name change think about the time it takes following the move to a new location to update your contact info with anyone you do business.
The Login Simplification project extends the use of the NetID login to as many services as possible on all MSU campuses so that users have only one login to remember.
Where do I find my NetID?
You can find your NetID in MyInfo located under Personal Information. To find it, go to the the MSU home page and click the My Info button located in Campus Tools at the bottom of the page. Once logged into My Info, click the Personal Information tab and then click the View IDs link.
For step by step instructions visit
How do I set my password?
The best way to set your password is to use the My Profile password reset tool. To get to My Profile go to and click the Set Passwords button.
For step by step instructions visit
STAFF: You may be presented with a list of services that are marked with checkboxes. To reduce confusion, setting all services to use the same password is recommended.
What will happen after my NetID replaces my first.last and both usernames are the same?
After your first.last has been renamed to NetID, any update to either password will change both. However, if you currently have a different password for your NetID, or you have never set the password for your NetID, then your accounts will remain out of sync until one of the two is changed. Updating your password at the MyProfile password reset page will resolve the problem. To access the MyProfile password reset page, go to the MSU homepage and click on the My Passwords button located in Campus tools. After your passwords are synchronized, you can consider both accounts as one converged account.
What about my MSU ID (GID) and other ID types?
An MSU ID is not the same as a login. Your current student/faculty/staff MSU ID (in the format of -12345678 and sometimes referred to as a GID) will continue to be your MSU ID. This is the number on your MSU CatCard and is also the User ID that you use to access MyInfo.
Do I need to keep my NetID private?
Yes, you do need to keep your NetID private! Although your NetID is displayed on your MSU email (Gapps) inbox, you should never share it with others outside of those providing official IT Center technical assistance. Inappropriate sharing of your NetID increases the possibility of password theft.
Will my email address change?
No. Email addresses will remain in the first.last format or some portion of name.
Are student employee accounts going to be affected?
No. There will be no changes to student employee accounts. This is due to the fact that student employees are given new accounts so that they can have access to systems and services that they otherwise wouldn't be able to access. Because each user can only have one NetID and until security concerns are addressed, we cannot merge these two accounts, therefore student employee accounts are not being changed at this time.
Will my NetID work on all campuses?
No, not at this time. We hope to achieve this capability in the near future.
When will I really have to start using my NetID?
On May 8th, all students will begin using NetID to access most MSU services. This includes D2L, MSU-Secure Wireless, "Z: Drive"/Network Shares, VPN (and others).
On March 20th, all faculty and staff transitioned to using NetID to access most MSU services, such as workstations, Email, Wireless, "Z Drive" / Network Shares, WebDrive (and others).
Can I change my NetID?
No. Your NetID is a purely unique and persistent identifier.
Faculty/Staff the following questions concern faculty and staff
Will other MSU domains be affected (COE, PHYSICS, KUSM)?
Yes, other domains will also use NetID and password after the transition.
Are departmental/shared/service accounts going to be affected?
No. These accounts will be left as they are.
What happens if I change my password inside Windows?
If you change your password inside Windows (i.e. using ctrl + alt + del), an automated program will synchronize that change out into the system however the synchronization system is not yet fully complete. If you run into any problems, you can fix them by resetting your password using the MyProfile password reset tool . To access the MyProfile password reset page, go to the and click the Set Passwords button. Once there, reset your password.
Who do I call for help?
For additional help you can contact the IT Center Help Desk at 406-994-1777, or email
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