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Nicol C. Rae


Tami Eitle

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Liberal Studies Careers & Opportunities

Learn How To Learn
• Strength of Mind • Enhanced Creativity •

A World of Possibilities

Some of the most exciting and innovative advances in human knowledge are occurring at the intersections of traditional academic disciplines. The kind of intellectual skills provided by rigorous, cross-disciplinary study are increasingly being recognized as the appropriate foundation for success in careers and post-baccalaureate programs ranging from business and management to medicine. Because of the flexible nature of the program, Liberal Studies graduates are ideally positioned to develop the skills and knowledge areas that are increasingly in demand in the workplace.

Careers and Opportunities

Government Journalism
Politics Communication
Business Administration
Entrepreneurship Graduate School
Analysis Law School
Writing Medical School

A Breadth and Depth of Knowledge and Thinking

The Liberal Studies program is intended, not to train or provide expertise in any narrowly defined field of study, but to allow students to learn more about themselves and the world, and to explore new areas of knowledge and new ways of thinking. Such outcomes, while important to personal and intellectual growth and enrichment, are also increasingly in demand among employers who seek creative and inquisitive minds, an appreciation for and an ability to apply different methodologies to problem solving, an understanding of the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, strong communication skills, and familiarity with the world's diversity of thought and culture.

Careers with a degree in Liberal Studies