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Nicol C. Rae


Tami Eitle

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Teresa Greenwood

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Kayte Kaminski

Liberal Studies Courses








Faculty and students make connections through the following Liberal Studies courses.

LS 101: Ways of Knowing
• LS 102: Introduction to Liberal Studies
• LS 301: Integrative Seminar
• LS 401: Senior Project

Students and faculty share responsibility for learning. The seminars represent rich potential conversations between scholars and students and across disciplines.

Senior capstone experience

Students are challenged to meaningfully integrate and synthesize their course work and college experiences on a broader scale that includes practical applications and personal enrichment. They gain confidence in their abilities to ask important questions, discover significant answers, support their conclusions, and articulate their viewpoints regarding the issues at stake. Students demonstrate their capacity to bring information, skills, and ideas to one significant project, exhibition or performance.

Previous Liberal Studies course topics

• The Nature of a Liberal Education
• Leadership
• Health and Society
• Extra-terrestrial Life
• The Nature of Creativity

What Liberal Studies courses do:

• Provide a sense of community
• Heighten students' knowledge of faculty across campus
• Help students adapt their knowledge, skills and responsibilities to new settings and questions
• Improve critical and creative thinking and communication skills
• Connect learning across fields Integrate classroom work with experiences in the larger campus and community