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Liberal Studies Program

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Bozeman, MT 59717-2360

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Nicol C. Rae


Tami Eitle

Program Advisor:

Teresa Greenwood

Program Administrator:

Kayte Kaminski

ILiberal Studies Program Overview

CORE 2.0

27-30 credits

LS 101US, Ways of Knowing (3 credits) is recommended


Liberal Studies Requirement

12 credits

One additional course each in the
Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences


LS 301, Integrative Seminar (*optional)

1 credit

(may be taken 3 times)


56 credits

Foreign language competence
at an elementary level
(8 credits)

Environmental Studies
59 credits

Foundation Courses
BIOB 170
ERTH 101
GPHY 121
PHIL 322
STAT 216
(17 credits)

Global & Mulitcultural Studies
50 credits

Foreign language competence
at an intermediate level
(11 credits)

Fine arts (12 credits)

Humanities (12 credits)

Natural sciences or
mathematics (12 credits)

Social sciences (12 credits)

Public policy courses
(21 credits)

Natural sciences cources
(21 credits)

Global and multicultural
courses (27 credits)

Area studies courdes
(12 credits)


LS 401, Senior Project

(4 credits)

1. Total of 120 credits required for graduation (at least 45 as a declared LS major)
2. 42 credits must be upper division (300 or 400-level)
3. Minimum of 9 credits required at the 400 level in addition to LS 401
4. A grade of C- or above required in all courses counted toward the major
5. *Asia, Europe, Latin America, Native American Studies, or Women's Studies