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NEW DVD's in the Library - 2016

DVD 168     Forklifts: Understanding the Risks (Coastal 2014)

This DVD describes the common hazards of operating forklifts. It reviews the importance of understanding how to correctly operate forklifts, factors that can lead to incidents, and the importance of inspecting vehicles before and during operation. (16 minutes)

DVD 191     Supplemental Equipment Training Videos (LTAP/TTAP 2015)

This DVD contains numerous short clips of equipment operation presented by Oklahoma DOT such as Angle Blade, Auger, Backhoe, Box Blade, Disc, Dozer operation, Dumpbed, Motorgrader, Mowing, Pneumatic Roller, PTO, Snowplow, Sprayer Tank, Tractor, Truck Safety. (Varies from 3 to 10 minutes per clip)

DVD 826     Hearing Conservation: Noise Under Control (Coastal 2012)

Noise is all around us; at work, at home, and in the car. With all of the noise that is associated with the machinery and technology we surround ourselves with every day, it is critical to be alert to hazardous noise. Many times hearing loss happens gradually and by the time we realize it, it's too late to turn back the clock. That's the case for a couple of the characters in Hearing Conservation: Noise Under Control. During this program your employees will see how their choices today can have an everlasting effect on their future. This program will also help your employees learn to recognize high noise hazards, identify actions to take for preventing hearing loss and understand the importance of wearing proper hearing protection. (19 minutes)

DVD 829     Every Choice Matters (Coastal 2011)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 4,300 people have been killed in workplace accidents over the past few years. In the same year, more than three and a half million people were injured on the job. Every Choice Matters poignantly demonstrates that when your employees choose safety it's about more than just them. It's about their family and caring about their co-workers and their families and loved ones. When someone is seriously injured or hurt on the job, the pain and devastation that follows doesn't stop with the individual. It continues to cut into the lives and hearts of family members, friends and coworkers long after the incident is over. This program features interviews with those whose lives were changed forever by a workplace incident. Motivate your employees to make the safe choice each and every time with this high-impact program. (19 minutes)

DVD 852     Electrical Case History (Coastal 2013)

Because of complacency around electricity, on average, one worker is electrocuted every single day of every year! Electrical Case History takes a close look at the details of a real-life tragedy to help your employees understand the potential dangers of working around this powerful force. It specifically presents proper lockout/tagout procedures and how to operate a scissor lift safely, especially around electrical sources. (15 minutes)

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