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Mali is a land-locked country in West Africa. Formerly a French colony, Mali became independent in 1960 and was organized initially as a socialist country and then was ruled by a military dictatorship.  Recently, Mali has become a stable, secular Muslim democracy.  Mali is home of many ethnic groups, for example, Malinke, Bambara, Peul (also known as Filani or Fula), Songhai, Tuareg, Dogon, Bobo, Senoufo, and nomadic Mauritani. Mali stretches north and north east into the Sahara Desert and south and south west to equatorial rainforest. Chief exports include mangoes, cotton, music, fabric, dry hibiscus flowers (for tea), and organic green beans.

Mali Night, 21 April 2007, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
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Mali Culture: Aissata Thera, Mali Scientist
Mali Economy: Keriba Coulibaly, Mali Scientist
Mali Education: Yvonne Ferguson, Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, Montana
Effective Visual Aids for Coaching Non-literate Subsistence Farmers in Mali: Amy Druse, 2007 Mali Extern, Montana State University - Bozeman
Mali Geography: Sidy Ba, Mali Civil and Hydraulic Engineer
Mali Healthcare: Angel Bigback, Northern Cheyenne, Lame Deer, Montana
Mali Empire: Abdoulaye Camara, Mali Scientist
Mali Pictures taken by:
Denise Dahl, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Belgrade Middle School - Belgrade, Montana
Amy E. Druse, Mali Extern - 2007, Montana State University - Bozeman
Senior in Media and Theatre Arts (Photography)

Mali Religion: Adama Berthe, Mali Scientist
Mali Shea Butter: Assa Kante, Mali Scientist
Mali Shea Butter Cooperative Organization: Gloria Horse-Zerber, Northern Cheyenne, Lame Deer, Montana

World Bank information on Mali:
World Bank Projects in Mali - 1995 - present
All Mali Projects
Mali: Exporting Mangoes to Europe

Other Information on Mali
USAID Mali Project Budgets and Priorities for 2006
West African Trade Hub 
Leland Initiative in Mali /USAID
Partners with USAID: Natural Plants organization for Africa
USAID-Mali Mission web-site

Other Resources on African Development Issues:
Framing the Fundamental Issues of Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.
West Africa Regional Program
Managing Environmental Wealth for Poverty Reduction
FAO helping countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals
Employment Programs for Food Security in Rural & Urban Africa
Green Revolution in Africa
IFAD Rural Food & Ag Report
IFPRI Executive Summary of Food Security Report in Africa
Integrated Water Policy - April 2000

Mali Reports:
Holistic Management Project - West Africa
Mali Ag-Rural Development Report
Education in Mali

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