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WOMEN'S CONFERENCE: The women of Bougoula engaged in a participatory assessment of their water issued facilitated by ALO Participant Assa Kante and assisted by MSU Extern Ashley Williams, March 2005.  ›› More about this
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Special Event: Mme. Aissata Thera, Presents Her Master's Thesis Research Seminar. To view the PowerPoint presentation, please click the link below.

Aissata Thera's PowerPoint Presentation
Master's Thesis Research Seminar, 27 March 2007

Mme. Aissata Thera, in the yellow West African dress, is a research scientist in the l'Instutut d'Economie Rurale (IER), Sotuba, Mali and a candidate for a Master's degree in Plant Pathology at Montana State University (MSU) - Bozeman. The other persons are Bienta and Faussini, IER lab technicians. The photograph was taken in an IER laboratory in Mali. This photograph (© Dr. Florence V. Dunkel, Montana State University (MSU), Bozeman, Department of Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology) was awarded a prize in the 2006 annual competition sponsored by Higher Education for Development.

In Mali, West Africa - Researcher from Mali (left), Mme. Aissata Thera (middle), and
Dr. Barry Jacobsen, MSU - Bozeman, Department of Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology (right)

ELISA Results (from Master's Thesis Research Seminar)

Sam Magro

Sam Magro wins the International ALO 2005 Still Photographic Competition "Picturing Change." A cultural geography major from Columbus Ohio, Sam was an undergraduate extern in 2005 under the USDA-CLIC "Farmer to Farmer" program.  His winning entry "Women's Conference" is shown at right.

Also: Graduate student at Montana State University Science and Natural History Film-making Receives Award in Professional International Competition

Amanda Grue, a Montana State University graduate student, has received second place in the International Film Ccompetition of the Association Liaison Office (ALO) for University Cooperation in Development.
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