NC-213 Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and Bioprocess Coproducts

NC-213 is a USDA-recognized, multi-state research consortium of public institutions that has been doing grain science and grain handling research since 1976. Annual meetings are held in February or March and are typically attended by more than 50 scientists from leading corn and wheat growing areas. Their interests are food safety, international grain operations and processing, and grain quality.

NC-213 Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and BioProcess Coproducts Organization

Near the end of this page are links to a 3-part 7 March 2012 recorded-narration PowerPoint presentation to the 2012 annual NC-213 meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The presentation is focused on the issues of farmer and community adoption of technologies in small-holder farming villages in Mali. These issues parallel similar adoption issues by farmers and by consumers in the US related to understanding:
Presentation for the annual meeting of the NC-213
7 March 2012, Minneapolis, MN:

Community-Based Natural Products for Integrated Pest Management:
by the Community, for the Community

Download Part 1 of the Presentation Download Part 2 of the Presentation Download Part 3 of the Presentation
Note: These 3 files are large (from 4+ to 7+ megabytes) and may take several minutes to download, depending on your Internet connection speed.

To view this 3-part presentation requires PowerPoint 2007 or later PowerPoint versions. Each slide contains recordings of Dr. Dunkel's narration and requires functioning speakers. Part 1 has 8 slides, Part 2 has 10 slides, Part 3 has 8 slides, and each slide has some recorded narration. After each file has been downloaded and opened by PowerPoint, press the F5 key to begin that part of the presentation. After the narration for each slide is complete, please press the down-arrow key to advance to the next slide.

At any time, you may press the Esc key to end the presentation in progress.