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New Paradigm Programs
Partners Montana State University Dr. Florence Dunkel Dr. Clifford Montagne Dr, Ada Giusti
Chief Dull Knife College
University of Montana Dr. Sarah Halvorson
Institut d'Economie Rurale du Mali (IER)
Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée de Katibougou (IPR/IFRA)
University of California-Davis Dr. Robert L. Gilbertson
University of California-Riverside Dr. Nancy E. Beckage
Virginia Tech Dr. Donald E. Mullins Dr. Richard D. Fell
University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN Dr. Camille George Ernest L. Owens, EdD Dr. P. Jane Saly Dr. Ashley N. Shams Dr. Susan Smith-Cunnien
Partners' New Courses New Paradigm Courses at Montana State University PSPP 465R: Health, Poverty, Agriculture: Concepts and Action Research
Syllabus for PSPP 465R Readings for PSPP 465R PSPP 465R Student Presentors for Sanambele, Mali Projects, Spring 2010 PSPP 465R Student Presentors for Northern Cheyenne Projects, Spring 2010 Wendy Nickisch's 2009 Sanambele Malaria Poster Tiphani Lynn's 2009 Sanambele Malaria Poster Pauline Powers-Peprah's 2009 Sanambele Malaria Poster Gordon Sevee's 2009 Sanambele Malaria Poster Yungben Yellvington's 2008 Lessons from Mali Presentation
MLF 450R: The Literature and Culture of Mali - Capstone Course for French Language and Literature Syllabus for MLF 450R
BIOO 162CS: Insects and Society
Syllabus for BIOO 162CS Insects and Society
New Paradigm Course at Virginia Tech ENT 4984: Research and Study in Virginia and Mali, West Africa - Special Undergraduate Entomology
Syllabus for ENT 4984
New Paradigm Course at UC-Riverside HNPG 012: Global Health, Agricukture, and Economic Development
Syllabus for HNPG 012
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Externship Program
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Project Gantt Chart
Graduate Programs
Undergrad Programs
Secondary Ed Programs
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