Development of Mali Village-level Shea Butter Quality Analysis Kit at Montana State University

Chris Sedlak, MSU undergraduate, has finished requirements for a chemistry/biochemistry degree and is a senior finishing a biology degree and a Japanese studies minor. Chris is the inventor of Shea Butter Quality Analysis Kit

Katy Hansen, MSU undergraduate (graduates May 2010), senior in Industrial Engineering and Economics, served as in-country (Mali) kit-usage Trainer

Dr. Florence V. Dunkel, is the New Paradigm Project Principal Investigator, Faculty Mentor for Sedlak and Hansen, a natural product toxicologist, and is in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at MSU.

The kit is a quantitative, colorimetric, self-contained method that can be used by the producers themselves in the village to determine if the quality of each batch of shea butter is appropriate for export. The kit has been tested in Zantiebougou, Mali at the Coprakazan Cooperative and at l’Institut d’Economie Rural-Sotuba and was well received at both institutions

Kits can be ordered from the Mali Agri-Business Center, Belco Tamboura, Leader
e-mail:    Cell phone in Mali: 011.223.7649.4227

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