Date Effective: MAY 2001

  Major Milestones

Goal #1: Appoint and train Labor-Management Committees

Completion Date
Objective 1: Formalize appointments of members to Montana University System Labor-Management Committee September 17, 2001
Objective 2: Formally appoint labor and management representatives to Labor-Management Committees on each campus September 30, 2001
Objective 3: FMCS trainer conduct training for L-M committees October 15, 2001
Objective 4: Establish schedule for meetings, and methods and schedules for communication to campuses October 30, 2001
Goal #2: Implement MAP Broad Band System and Pay Options
Objective 1: Transition all classified positions to broad band and discontinue use of current classification system; communicate to staff October 1, 2001
Objective 2: Develop and communicate appeals procedure for staff who disagree with broad band placement October 30, 2001
Objective 3: Develop, adopt, and publicize policies governing eligibility and award of lump sum bonuses, strategic, and progression pay options (staff eligibility date of 4/1/02) February 1, 2002
Objective 4: Conduct evaluation of program January 30, 2003
Goal #3: Implement MAP Performance Development Program
Objective 1: Hire MAP Project Director, using labor-management search committee for selection process. Addendum D contains a brief job description for this position. (Administrative support will be provided to the Project Director by Veterans Administration work study students who are available at no cost to the University System.) October 15, 2001
Objective 2: Select labor and management representatives who will assist in training October 15, 2001
Objective 3: Lead trainer conduct "train the trainer" sessions for labor and management trainers November 1, 2001
Objective 4: Representatives from campus-based LMCs and Human Resource Office staff conduct written departmental pre-assessments to identify specific training needs; lead trainer structure training sessions to meet training objectives identified through pre-assessments (assessments will be completed by every staff member, administrator, and individual who supervises staff, including faculty) November 15, 2001
Objective 5: Begin training sessions
Three specific topics: 1) understanding the departments mission and individual roles related to it (1-2 hours); 2) understanding the steps to setting performance goals and plans (2-3 hours); and 3) learning and using effective communication for discussing performance (2-3 hours). A 3 hour coaching session will also be scheduled for managers and supervisors. This session is in response to staff concerns regarding consistent and effective communication at management levels.
December 1, 2001
Objective 6: Each department establishes timeline for full implementation. Timeline must include, at a minimum: dates for training, completion of departmental mission statement, collaborative completion of Role Descriptions for each staff member, collaborative completion of Performance Plan for each staff member, completion of at least four checkpoint reviews, completion of Performance Review for each staff member at end of Performance Development Cycle. February 1, 2002
Objective 7: Complete training of all staff, supervisors, and administrators and begin Performance Development Cycles February 1, 2002
Objective 8: Status reports to system Labor-Management Committee by campus committees December 1, 2001
Objective 9: Award of Achievement Pay at completion of Performance Development Cycles February 1, 2003
Objective 10: Conduct post assessment of implementation February 15, 2003
Goal #4: Implement Internal Consulting Units and Mediation Centers
Objective 1: MAP Project Director conduct needs assessment to determine scope of services required and available resources April 15, 2002
Objective 2: Develop plan and adopt necessary policies; and identify labor and management representatives who will assume mediation and/or internal consulting responsibilities June 1, 2002
Objective 3: Conduct training for individuals who will fulfill consulting and mediation responsibilities June 30, 2002
Objective 4: Implement Internal Consulting Units and Mediation Centers September 15, 2002
Objective 5: Conduct assessment of effectiveness January 15, 2003

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