Date Effective: MAY 2001


The evaluation process will have two components:

1. The system-wide and campus-based Labor-Management Committees will conduct an ongoing assessment of the progress of the labor-management project. This evaluation will include: a review of timelines to ensure adherence; a quarterly review of project goals and objectives compared to the milestones chart to determine if activities have been accomplished as planned; and assessment of informal feedback from project participants. Based on these reviews, the committee may develop strategy to correct potential problems. The committee will maintain a summary of the assessments, available for review by other parties as requested.

2. An external assessment will be completed in the final quarter of the project. Graduate students in the Department of Communication Studies at The University of Montana-Missoula will be retained to conduct the analysis.

Baseline data will include:
a) Data from focus groups completed in February 2000
b) Results of departmental pre-assessments to be completed prior to program implementation (Goal #3, Objective #4)
- AND -
c) Results of assessment of need for mediation centers and internal consulting units (Goal #4, Objective #1).

The graduate students will utilize three methods of final assessment:
1) written departmental post-assessments, using the same methodology practiced in goal #3, objective #4;

2) feedback from focus groups comprised of labor and management representatives at all campuses; and

3) written questionnaires and facilitated meetings of the systemwide and campus- based Labor-Management Committees.


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