MSU app - iPad and iPhoneWhat is it?

Montana State University has partnered with Ellucian, the maker of the MSU Banner software (you know it as MyInfo), to create an app that gives you mobile access to your personal student information as well as important MSU campus info!

The app is called Ellucian GO and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.



MSU app

  • Class Schedule
  • Grades
  • Dining Hall Menus
  • Campus Map
  • Snow Reports
  • Weather
  • Activities Calendar
  • Campus Directory
  • Easy access links to:
    • Bobcat Athletics
    • Streamline Bus Tracking
    • Campus News
    • Cat Card
    • MSU Library
    • Desire2Learn (D2L)
    • Student IT Resources


 How to Install

Step 1: Download

MSU app - Ellucian on iPhone screen

To download go to the Apple App store or Google Play and search for "Ellucian Go". 

Direct links to the app:
Apple App Store Icon
Google Play Android app icon

Step 2: Choose MSU

 MSU App - choose Montana State University

Open the Ellucian Go app on your mobile device and browse to or search for Montana State University - Bozeman to choose it from the list.


Step 3: Log in

MSU app - sign in

Sign in with your GID with dash (-01234567) and MyInfo PIN to see personal student information such as grades and class schedules. (This step is only necessary if you want to see personal info)

Step 4: Explore

MSU app - menu

Choose from the drop-down menu (upper left in iPhone, upper right in Android) to explore!