Schedule:  Summer 2018



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Tuesday, June 12

Matt Taylor; Introduction by Ben Lei

4:10 p.m. MBS 145 Closing the gate: Mechanisms and effects of superinfection exclusion during HSV-1 infection
Tuesday, June 19  Heather Walk (Kominsky Lab); Introduction by Mark Quinn 4:10 p.m. Byker Auditorium

The Kominsky Lab Magical Microbiome

Tuesday, June 26  Gary Stoner 4:10 p.m. MBS 145

Berry Formulations for Prevention of Aerodigestive Tract Cancers

Tuesday, July 3  Thomas LeFevre (Wilking Lab); Introduction by Diane Bimczok 4:10 p.m. MBS 145 Characterizing biofilms with centrifuge force microscopy

 Tuesday, July 10

Mensur Dlakic 4:10 p.m. MBS 145

Dissecting the mechanism of cytolethal distending toxins

Tuesday, July 17  Jodi Hedges  4:10 p.m. MBS 145

Behind Closed Doors:  Q Fever and Brucellosis Projects

Tuesday, July 24  Mark Quinn  4:10 p.m. MBS 145


Tuesday, July 31  Valerie Copie  4:10 p.m. MBS 145  
Tuesday, August 7 

Sandra Halonen 

4:10 p.m. MBS 145  
Tuesday, August 14

Aga Apple/Kelly Shepardson

4:10 p.m. MBS 145