The Wiedenheft Lab

Viruses that infect bacteria (i.e., bacteriophages) are the most abundant biological entities on earth and the selective pressures imposed by these pervasive predators have a profound impact on the composition and the behavior of microbial communities in every ecological setting. Work in the Wiedenheft laboratory aims to understand the mechanisms that bacteria use to defend themselves from phage infection and counter mechanisms that phages use to subvert bacterial immune systems. We aim to determine molecular structures of the cellular machines that mediate bacterial immunity and to use these structures to understand function. The scientific culture in the Wiedenheft lab is to understand and engineer cellular machines with new functions for applications in biotechnology and medicine.


Interested in joining the Wiedenheft lab? Please send an email to Blake Wiedenheft (bwiedenheft /at\ gmail /d0t\ com), stating your research interests and experience. Please attach a CV describing your educational accomplishments, publication record, and contact information of your references.

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