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Shelly Hogan, Ph.D.

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Kate Delaney

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Faculty Mentors

Info for Students

One of the benefits of being a McNair Scholar is getting to have a faculty mentor in your field of study. You will work with this mentor performing research, talking about graduate school, and possible opportunities in your field. You will be expected to meet with your faculty mentor on a regular basis. Their signature is needed to confirm that your work is satisfactory and complete.

If you are a student interested in becoming a McNair Scholar and have a faculty member you would like to work with that is not listed below, please contact the faculty member and the McNair Scholars Office. We will work to see if that faculty member can be available as a mentor.

Info for Faculty

Faculty mentors are needed from every field of study. As a mentor, you will work with a student and provide research experience, guidance, and assistance for the purpose of preparing the scholar for graduate study. For faculty that wish to be a mentor but do not have current funding for a student, there are stipends available through the McNair Scholars Program.

As a faculty mentor, you will be expected to meet regularly with your scholar, confirm that their work is satisfactory and complete, advise and provide feedback regarding graduate school applications, and potentially write letters of recommendation for graduate school or graduate funding. You will also supervise their research, poster creation, and research paper.

Roles of the Mentor

A mentor serves as a role model
in the process of defining and setting professional and personal goals.
A mentor is a resource
providing information about opportunities, procedures, methodologies, customs,
and expectations of the professional and academic world.
A mentor is a counselor
offering advice, encouragement, and feedback.
A mentor is an advocate
with an interest in furthering the scholar’s academic and professional career.
The mentoring relationship provides a teacher, a sponsor, a guide, an advisor,
a confidant, and a respected friend to the scholar.

If you are interested in possibly becoming a faculty mentor or would like to know more about the McNair Scholars Program, please contact the McNair Scholars Office to arrange a meeting.

Faculty Mentors

This is a list of current, past, & potential faculty mentors. It will be updated as new mentors become available. Suggestion to undergraduate students intersted in conducting research is to contact facutly that are actively conducting research or scholarly projects.

Name Department
Dr. Bridget Kevane Modern Languages & Literatures
Dr. Brian Bothner Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Lori Lawson Liberal Studies/Honors Program
Dr. Stephen Sofie Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Dr. Michael Sexson English
Dr. Christiana Stoddard Agricultural Economics/Economics
Dr. Clayton Marlow Animal & Range Sciences
Dr. Lawrence Gross Native American Studies
Dr. Pat McGowen Western Transportation Institute
Chris Livingston Architecture
Dr. Jennifer Brown Chemical & Biological Engineering
Dr. Walter Fleming Native American Studies
Dr. Leah Schmalzbauer Sociology
Dr. Robert Mokwa Civil Engineering
Dr. Mary Miles Health & Human Development
Dr. Kristen Intemann History & Philosophy
Dr. Graham Austin Business
Dr. Michelle Meade Psychology
Dr. Shelly Hogan Food Science
Minette Jessup Business
Dr. Mary Cloninger Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Bethany Letiecq Health & Human Development
Dr. Laura Stanley Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Dr. Christa Merzdorf Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Dr. Ian Handley Psychology
Dr. Laura Larsson Nursing
Dr. Ada Guisti Modern Languages & Literatures
Dr. David Miller Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Tom McNabb Architecture
Dr. Lynda Sexson History & Philosophy
Dr. Ross Carlson Chemical Engineering
Dr. Lisa Davis Mathematical Sciences
Dr. David Dickensheets Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Dr. Jerome Coffey English
Dr. Jovanka Voich Microbiology
Dr. Wayne Stein Native American Studies
Dr. Jioanna Carjuzaa Education
Dr. Tom Geary Animal Science
Dr. Phil Sullivan Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Janelle Rasmussen International Programs
Dr. Doug Downs English
Dr. Glenn Duff Animal Science
Dr. Christene Foreman Biological Engineering
Dr. Patricia Catoira Spanish - Modern Languages
Dr. Bill McLaughlin Chemistry
Dr. Jeff Heys Chemical Engineering
Dr. David Swingle Musem Studies
Dr. Ed Dratz Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Laurence Carucci Anthropology
Dr. John Thompson Native American Studies
Dr. John Seifert Exercise Science
Dr. Jack Fischer Anthropology
Dr. Alison Harmon Food and Nutrition
Dr. Joan Broderick Chemical and Biological Engineering
Dr. Abigail Richards Chemical and Biological Engineering