Industrial Management & Systems Engineering

  • Claudio, David, Assistant Professor .
    Operations management, Service Systems, Healthcare Engineering, Decision Making
  • Mooney, Edward L., Associate Professor Emeritus
    Discrete Optimization, Scheduling, Systems Modeling, Operations Research
  • Schell, William J., Assistant Professor
    Engineering Management, Applied Statistics, Project Management, Strategy and Leadership Development
  • Sobek, Durward, Professor, IMSE Coordinator
    Management Engineering, Computer Integraed Manufacturing, Product Development Systems
  • Stanley, Laura M., Associate Professor
    Human factors, ergonomics, transportation engineering and safety, intelligent transportation systems, naturalistic and simulated driving, system interface design
  • Ward, Nicholas, Professor
    Human factors, cognitive ergonomics, system interface and product design, usability analysis, traffic safety, intelligent transportation systems, driving simulators.
  • Velazquez, Maria, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Bruce Zignego, Instructor
    Engineering Economics, Entrepreneurship, Technical Management

Mechanical Engineering

  • Amendola, Roberta, Assistant Professor
  • Amin, Ruhul M., Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
    Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Systems
  • Cairns, Douglas,, Professor
    Materials, Composites, Modeling, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
  • Codd, Sarah, L., Professor
    Magnetic Resonance Microscopy studies of ceramics, and fluid dynamics in hydrogels, biofilms, and polymer electrolyte membranes
  • Conant, R. Jay, Professor Emeritus
    Solid Mechanics, Wave Propagation
  • Cundy, Vic A., Professor
    Combustion, Heat Transfer, Incineration of Waste, Fluid Mechanics
  • Demetriades, Anthony, Professor Emeritus
    Fluid Mechanics, High-Speed Aerodynamics
  • Edens, Mike , Associate Teaching Professor
    Materials, Modeling, Finite Element Methods
  • George, Alan H., Associate Professor
    Heat Transfer, Measurements and Instrumentation
  • Jenkins, Christopher H.M. , Professor Emeritus
    Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Analysis and Design of Compliant Structures, Continuum and Solid Mechanics, Theoretical and Experimental Structural Dynamics, Mechanical Design
  • Johnson, Erick, Assistant Professor
  • June, Ron, Assistant Professor
    Mechanobiology, Mechanotransduction, Biomechanics, Arthritis, Biomaterials, Viscoelasticity, and Materials Science
  • Miller, Daniel A., Department Head, Associate Professor
    Engineering Mechanics
  • Miller, David, Associate Professor, Assistant Undergraduate Program Coordinator
    Experimental Mechanics of Materials, Structure/Property Relationships to Strength and Damage, Shape Memory Alloys, Dynamic Testing and Properties of Materials, Mechanical System and Machine Design
  • Owkes, Mark, Assistant Professor
    Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Energy Systems, Multiphase (gas-liquid) Flows, Electrohydrodynamics
  • Reckinger, Shanon, Assistant Teaching Professor  
    Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Ocean Modeling     
  • Rutherford, Mandy, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Rutherford, Steven, Associate Teaching Professor
  • Ryan, Cecily, Assistant Professor
    Biodegradable Polymer Composites, Sustainable Materials, Environment-Material Interaction, Multi-Functional Materials, Nanocomposites, Interfacial Compatibilization
  • Sofie, Stephen, Associate Professor
    Innovative Ceramic Processing, Microstructure/Nano Structure Engineering, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, High Temp. Piezoelectrics, High Temp. Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, and Photoluminescent Ceramics
  • Wells, Michael K., Professor Emeritus
    Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Biomechanics

Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Amende, Kevin L., Assistant Professor
    Building Systems and HVAC, Machining, Advanced Machining & Welding,
  • Cook, Kevin R., Associate Professor
    Tool Design, Manufacturing Processes, HVAC
  • Cundy, Vic A., Professor
    HVAC, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics
  • Davis, John R., Associate Teaching Professor
    Manufacturing Processes, Machining Technology
  • Fisher, Keith, Associate Professor
    Machines & Mechanisms, Computer Aided Design, Hydraulics/Pneumatics
  • Jungst, Tom, Associate Teaching Professor
    Manufacturing Processes, Machining Technology
  • Larson, Robb E., Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
    Mechanical Design, Measurement and Instrumentation, Wind and Alternative Energy Systems, Avalanche and Snow Science



Kathy Campbell

Program Coordinator - Graduate Program

I joined the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department in May of 2009 and am pleased to be a part of such a motivated and enthusiastic team. I look forward to continuing the department’s reputation which includes a friendly, helpful office.

I grew up on guest ranches across the West, earned a business degree at the University of Wyoming, and worked for a variety of businesses from Dallas, Texas to White Sulphur Springs, Montana. After settling in Bozeman I spent 17 years planning small, guided group tours for a Bozeman-based specialty travel company. My husband, Rodney, is a fishing outfitter and long-time Bridger ski-patroller. Our grandson Kelwyn lives in the Portland area with his happy parents. I love to garden, read, ski, camp, flyfish, hunt, and hike. Rodney and I have great fun exploring backroads and small towns of Montana and beyond.

Phone: 994-6755


Michelle Woodbury

Accounting Associate III

As Accountant for M&IE, Michelle maintains the accuracy and integrity of all departmental accounts. She provides estimates and projections for fiscal planning, insures proper appointment and timely compensation to all employees, and initiates payment to vendors for goods and services received by the department.

Phone: 994-6756 


Laura Andersen

Academic Advisor 

Laura joined the M&IE office in August 2011. She graduated from MSU - College of Nursing in 1993. She is excited to be back on MSU- Bozeman's campus working with the M&IE Students. Go CATS!

Phone: 994-6289


Dagny Mest

Administrative Associate

Dagny joined the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department in August of 2016 and prior to that worked in the Registrar's Office from March 2008 through July 2016.

She is excited to be a part of such an enthusiastic and motivated team. She looks forward to promoting the department’s positive reputation for empowering students to achieve their academic goals, a great asset towards that end includes a friendly, helpful office and staff.

Phone: 994-2204


Eddie Wells

Computer Support Specialist

 Eddie joined the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department in June of 2016.  Prior to that he was the IT at St. Labre Indian School in Ashland, Montana.

Phone: 994-2208