The purpose of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is to advise the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department of Montana State University (MSU) on departmental strategic planning and development. A foremost role of the IAB is the "end-user", providing feedback to help improve the quality of our engineering education programs.

The IAB assists in:

  • Advocating for the Department to MSU administration and the broader community.
  • Making recommendations concerning adequacy of curriculum, courses, faculty, organization, instructional equipment, and facilities.
  • Providing business and community expertise.
  • Serving as public and private spokespersons for the Department.
  • Identifying opportunities for faculty and students to interface with industry (e.g. through internships, fellowships, etc.).
  • Assisting with Department development, such as upgrading laboratories by facilitating equipment donations, establishing corporate scholarship funds, etc.
  • Recruiting members of the Board.

Industrial Advisory Board Members

Company Affiliation
Alex Adams Los Alamos National Laboratories    
Shawna Alexander Boeing Fabrication Design Production Manager  
Lisa Armitage Oracle Program   
Emily Armitage Davis McNelius Truck & Manufacturing Chief Engineer B.S. MET (MSU)
Jen Burgett JM Engineering Senior Engineer


Greg Cunniff Taco, Inc. Manager, Application Engineer B.S. ME (MSU), M.S. ME (MSU)
Darrin Haugen K2 Sports Senior Global Product Director B.S. ME (MSU), M.S. ME (MSU)
Libby Hegel NAVSEA   B.S. IE (MSU)
John Keil The Boeing Company Senior Manager, Structures Engineering B.S. ME (MSU), MSB (Seattle U)
Susan Lenssen The Boeing Company  Manager, Commercial Airplanes  
Matt McCune Autopilot, Inc. President B.S. MET (MSU)
Mark Perkins Quantel USA Manufacturing Engineer/Project Manager B.S. ME (MSU)
Ryan Taylor Puerto Rico Project; Fast Enterprises, LLC Implementation Consultant B.S. IE (MSU)
Luke Turoski P4 Engineering Principle Engineer

B.S. ME (MSU), M.S. ME (MSU)

Matt Waller Liberty Medical Center Consultant B.S. IE (MSU)
Eric Webber Morrison-Maierle Project Engineer B.S. MET (MSU)

Please contact Dr. Dan Miller at for more information regarding the Industrial Advisory Board