Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society

Dates and times are posted online:

Drop-in tutoring sessions open to all ME students enrolled in EMEC, EMAT, EGEN and ETME courses.

Course Specific HW Help Sessions

Dates and times are posted online:

M&IE SmartyCats tutors host these HW help sessions focused specifically on the current course assignments. Sessions are open to all students currently enrolled in the courses. The following courses are scheduled for Spring 2013:

  • EGEN 201 - Engineering Mechanics: Statics
  • EGEN 202 - Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
  • EGEN 203 - Applied Mechanics
  • EGEN 205 - Mechanics of Materials
  • EMAT 251 - Materials Structures and Properties
  • EMEC 320 - Thermodynamics I
  • EMEC 341 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • EMEC 342 - Mechanical Component Design
  • EMEC 425 - Thermal Systems

SmartyCats One-on-One & Small Group Tutoring

MSU's Office of Student Success offers FREE one-on-one and group tutoring services for all students currently enrolled in courses including all M&IE curriculum. To sign up for a tutor , visit or stop by their office in 177 SUB. Interested in becoming a tutor? SmartyCats is hiring for M&IE courses (and many others!).

Campus Help Centers

For more information please contact:

Paul Gentile, PhD, PE
Office: Roberts Hall 112
Phone: 406-994-2680

SmartyCats Tutors
177 Strand Union Building
Phone: 406-994-7627