Turner's Challenge
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Jack B. Jelinski

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
College of Letters & Science
Montana State University-Bozeman
Phone: (406) 994-4448, Fax: (406) 994-6199
Email: umljj@montana.edu




  Publications - Articles

"La vida de Don Quixote y Sancho: nueva interpretacion y analisis." Revista de Estudios Hispanicos, Volume X, number 25, January 1976, 84-112. (In Spanish)

"Unamuno Descubridor de Don Quixote y Sancho." Proceedings, of the Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages, XXVI, Part I, 1975, 199-205. (In Spanish)

"Unamuno su ensayo como poesia." Proceedings, of the Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages, XXVII, Part 1, 1976, 176-178. (In Spanish)

"Language, Literature and Teaching." MALT Bulletin, XXVIX, No. 2, 1975 (Winter), 28. (Essay)

"Machado Prohibited in the Spain of Franco." MALT Bulletin, XX, No. 1, 1975 (Fall), 14.(Essay)

"A New Look at Teaching the Spanish Subjunctive." Hispania, Volume 60, number 2, May 1977, 320-326. Selected by ERIC/CLL, the Center for Applied Linguistics, Arlington, VA for inclusion in the Current Index to Journals in Education, January 1978, Reference number EJ 164 411.

"The Spanish Subjunctive: Postscript." Hispania, Volume 61, Number 2, May 1978, 304-305.

An Annual Bibliography of Post Civil War Fiction. First volume - Volume number 1, published in September 1978. As a Contributing Editor, I submitted bibliographical material for publication each year from 1978 through 1985.

Foreign Language Training Can Help You Get A Job. This is a 30-page pamphlet designed to provide information for all students interested in the career advantages of language study. Printed under the aegis of the language department. (copies available) Now a permanent resource in the Office of Career Services, Montana State University and in many high schools in Montana.

"The Institutional Bias: Where Does the Buck Really Stop?" ADFL Bulletin, Volume II, number 4, May 1980, 12-16.

"Memory and the Remembered Structure of Cien anos de Soledad." Revista de Estudios Hispanicos, Tomo XVIII, Numero 3, Octubre, 1984, 323-333.

"Inservice Training for Oral Proficiency: The 1986 Montana Project." MALT Bulletin, XXXII, number 1 (Winter 1987), 33-35.

"Garcia Marquez: El Memorioso." USF Language Quarterly, Spring/Winter 1988, 28-32. (In Spanish)

"A Practical Approach to the Development of Quality Review Procedures." Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference: Academic Chairpersons in Search of Academic Quality. Published by National Issues in Higher Education, Fall 1988, 209-220.

"One Language, One Nation: The Shibboleth of Allegiance." Minority Voices, Vol. 6, 2 (Spring 1990), 11-22.

"Bilingualism: Selected Annotated Bibliography." MALT Bulletin, Vol. XXXVIII (Spring 1993), 15-21.

"Bilingualism and the Paradox of U.S. Language Policy." Selecta, Vol. 15, 1994, 7-11.

"Mario As Biblical Analogue In Miguel Delibes' Cinco Horas Con Mario." CLA Journal, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 4 (June, 1995), 480-489.

Guest Editor and Editorial on Constitutional Amendment 30. The Montana Professor (Spring 1996), Vol. 6, No. 2, 1-2.

"Autonomy By Decree? Paradoxes in the Redefinition of the Professorate." José Contreras Domingo. The Montana Professor (Fall 2000), Vol. 10, No. 3, 9-17, Introduction and Translation.

"Ignacio Aldecoa's Contemporisation of the Myth of the Gypsy in his Novel Con el viento solano."  TESSARAE:  The Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies (published by the School of European Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff), Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2002.


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