Turner's Challenge
original painting by Greg Keeler

Jack B. Jelinski

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
College of Letters & Science
Montana State University-Bozeman
Phone: (406) 994-4448, Fax: (406) 994-6199
Email: umljj@montana.edu




  Publications - Research Published in Books

"Ignacio Aldecoa--A Forgotten Master: A Critical Reexamination of Gran Sol." This article was invited for a commemorative book of critical essays concerning the work of the late Spanish novelist, Ignacio Aldecoa: A Collection of Critical Essays. Editors: Ricardo Landeira and Carlos Mellizo. Laramie: University Wyoming Press, 1977. Cited in: Robert Fiddian, Ignacio Aldecoa (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1980), P. 173 as "a keen examination of the author's personal world view in which the themes of fate and fortune are justly highlighted."

"El fulgor y la sangre: Novela del tiempo." Invited scholarly chapter for the book: Approximacion critica a Ignacio Aldecoa, Ed. Drosoula Lytra. Madrid: Espasa - Calpe, 1984. (In Spanish)

"Monsignor Quixote: Graham Greene Rewriting Unamuno Rewriting Cervantes." Part II, Chapter 11 in the book: The Hispanic Connection:  Spanish and Spanish-American Literature in the Arts of the World. Praeger, 2004 (111-121). This volume includes studies by prominent scholars such as Dale Wasserman, author of the plays "Man of La Mancha" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest."

"Don Quioxte:  Sin, Grace, and Redemptive Rebellion" was published in the book:  Don Quixote:  The First 400 Years, Lima, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos/Hofstra University, 2009 (101-112). This study was selected for inclusion from the presentation made at the 2004 international conference celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote.

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