Turner's Challenge
original painting by Greg Keeler

Jack B. Jelinski

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
College of Letters & Science
Montana State University-Bozeman
Phone: (406) 994-4448, Fax: (406) 994-6199
Email: umljj@montana.edu




Language Coordinator and budget supervision for a Title XII Grant by the Bureau of International and Agricultural Development (AID). Faculty development grant to train faculty members and spouses in foreign languages. 1979-1983 $5,000/year for five years.

"Inservice Linguistic Training for Oral Proficiency," Title II of the Education for Economic Security Act (P.L. 98-377: Strengthening Skills of Teachers and Instruction in Foreign Languages.) $24,585.00 Principal Investigator and Grant Coordinator. October 1985-August 1986.

"Intensive Grammar Inservice Training for Proficiency," Title II of the Education for Economic Security Act. $14,207.00 Principal Investigator. October 1986-December 1987.

Grant funding for the previous Title II grant awarded in the Summer of 1987 to prepare materials for OPI for distribution to Montana High School Foreign Language Teachers. Amount of grant extension: $1,000.


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