Chinese Club Pizza Party Meet & Greet! Sept 10, 4pm at Gaines Lobby

Learn to make Chinese food

Learn to make a myriad of Chinese food including dumplings, Chinese baozi, and more!

Chinese practice

Practice speaking with fellow Chinese natives and Chinese-speaking students.

书法 Calligraphy

Explore Chinese culture through poetry, arts and calligraphy!

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About Chinese Culture Club

To work with Chinese natives to bring the culture of China to Bozeman through the arts, literature, food and more.
It is a club designed not for locals or Chinese, but to bring them together in a sharing and better understanding of their respective cultures.


Patrick Mooney: president,
Ryan Eret: Vice president,
Kenneth Fendler: secretary,
David Lowe: treasurer,
Advisors: Hua Li & Jeanine Schoessler