Academic Misconduct Reporting Form:


  • MLL Role & Scope:  2000 version ( Word, PDF), 2010 version ( Word, PDF)
  • ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines: PDF file


  • You must have completed a Travel Request and Justification Form BEFORE you purchase an airline ticket!!!  (Replace all yellow-highlighted items.)  Email the completed form to Tracy ASAP (as it is needed for the monthly Purchasing Card report), along with the next item...

  • Please give or email Tracy a copy of your itinerary (showing your flight departure & arrival times and the PRICE of your ticket) as soon as you have it! (This receipt is needed for the monthly Purchasing Card report.) You will also need to let her know which conference or research project the trip is for at this time.

  • Once you return from your trip, you will fill out the After Travel Form and give it to Tracy.  Please note that you must list all expenses, even if they were already paid for with the Purchasing Card.  This form is a complete record of your trip, documenting every expense incurred.

  • REA budget form  (so that Tracy & Dept. Head can see what your estimated expenses are before the trip)

  • Per diem rates are as follows:
    Out-of-state = $46 ($11 breakfast, $12 lunch, $23 dinner)
    In-state = $23 ($5 breakfast, $6 lunch, $12 dinner)

    Out-of-country  = varies depending on the country & time of year, see Tracy for help!
                                = $36 per day without receipts


REA application  (please remember to also do the REA form for Tracy) due on
Link to CLS' Award & Grant Information page just FYI