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Listing Details

Material Name: Aluminum
Material ID: 13
Date Posted: May 20, 2012
Material is: Wanted
Type of material: Metal and Metal Sludge
New / Used: Used
Condition: Poor
Physical State Of Material: Solid
Material Packaging: Bulk
Lab Analysis Available: Yes
Sample Available: Yes
Description of Material: Looking for Aluminum by-products dusts,powders, oxides ect will look at some sludges
Hazardous Material: No
Amount Of Material On Hand: Truck Loads
Material is available on an ongoing basis: would like truck loads
Charging / Will Pay: Free
Owner is Willing To Ship Or Deliver: Yes
Charge for shipping: Yes
Location Of Material:
Listing Posted by: Ken Webb
Research Director
Cemtech International
(636) 789-2803
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