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Types of Presentations

Basic Program 

Time:              90 minutes

Content:          Definitions of rape/sexual assault

                        Discussion of rape myths and effects of rape

                                    Cultural contributors to rape

                                    How to:

-avoid committing sexual assault

                                                -help a friend who has been raped

                                                -speak out against rape

Audience:       Any men who want to learn more about how to prevent sexual assault.  Great for male residence halls, fraternities, athletic teams, and other male organizations.

Presenters:    Males who are trained in sexual assault prevention and who do NOT believe that “every man is a potential rapist.” 

Requests:       Requests for presentations can be emailed to or by calling 994-5682.


Reasons to Attend a Presentation

-Risk Management

Reduce the likelihood that the crimes of rape or sexual assault will occur within your organization.  In addition to being criminal offenses, rape and sexual assault can bring sanctions from the university as well as national governing bodies, and can ruin the reputations of your members, the organization, the team, or the university. 

-Good Public Relations

When a rape or sexual assault occurs (or is even rumored to have     occurred) within an organization, word quickly spreads to beware of that group.  Taking an active part in sexual assault prevention allows the rest of the MSU community see your organization in a positive light.  Depending on   your level of involvement, your group can be listed on the MSR website as a supporter so that others can see that your organization is committed to preventing sexual violence.  

-Protect and Educate Your Members

A large number of men who committed rape or sexual assault didn’t know they had committed a crime, even though their actions clearly met legal criteria for these offenses.  An MSR presentation will teach your members what the laws are and how to look out for yourself and your friends.   

-Help Protect Females         

We all have females who are close to us: friends, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers.  Department of Justice statistics show that 1 in 4 women will be a victim of rape.  Learning about sexual assault, rape, and what you can do to prevent it helps educate others and works towards keeping women safe.

Dates of Presentations

Presentations for Fall have not yet been scheduled.  Call us to arrange a special presentation for your group, or watch this space for a schedule or presentations.




How To Schedule a Presentation

To reserve a spot at one of the presentations, please call 994-5682.  Spaces are limited to 15-20 people, so call soon to get the day and time you want!  Feel free to bring snacks or beverages, but please be prepared to stay for the entire duration of the presentation.  In some cases, we may be able to come to your organization and present directly; call for details.













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