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Dr. Peggy Taylor

Non-Degree Graduate Students

General Information 

Science educators are welcome to enroll in MSSE graduate online and campus science and education elective courses without admissions to the MSSE Program. Students may register for courses as non-degree graduate or continuing education graduate students.

Non-degree Graduate Status

Non-degree graduate students are those who have earned a bachelor’s degree and:

  • want to take graduate courses but are not yet admitted to a degree program.
  • have been denied regular or provisional admission;
  • have non-degree standing through the recommendation of the department or The Graduate School;
  • whose formal degree application is pending final action;
  • who applied too late to be admitted for the intended term.

Non-degree seeking applicants must submit the Application for Graduate Admission to The Graduate School. All applications must include a completed application, non-refundable application fee payment of $60, and an official transcript reflecting the completion of the first bachelor's degree.

Continuing Education Status

Continuing education graduate students are those who have earned a bachelor's degree and want to take graduate courses but do not plan to seek admissions to a graduate degree program.

NOTE: If taking graduate courses while in non-degree graduate or continuing education status, the courses are considered non-degree graduate credits. Upon admissions to the MSSE degree program, nine credits taken with non-degree or continuing education status may be transferred into a MSSE program of study with approval of the graduate committee.

NOTE: Enrollment in graduate courses does not imply admissions to non-degree or degree programs.