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Dr. Peggy Taylor

Excellence in Online Teaching

Four MSSE teachers were nominated by their students this year for Montana State University's Excellence in Online Teaching Award! Established in 2010, this award recognizes individuals who have provided oustanding teaching, course development, mentoring and a commitment to excellence in online education.

MSSE Nominees

John Graves, Winner of the 2011 Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Evaluation and Measurement, EDCI 504
Implementing Action Research EDCI 509
Teaching Inquiry in the Science Classroom EDCI 591

"Dr. Graves stands out among all my MSSE instructors...When it somes to fully online courses, however, Dr. Graves shines even more!" "The best testament to his abilities is that Dr. Graves is helping me not only to become a better teacher, but also to become a better person. He does so from 600 miles away"

Joe Bradshaw

Integrating Literature into the Science Classroom, MSSE 591
Terrestrial Ecology of Plains and Prairies, BIOL 513
Biology of Riparian Zones and Wetlands, BIOL 519

"(Mr.) Bradshaw is the best instructor ever! I like that he gave us a lot of autonomy in the format of our assignments and there was a lot of choice when it came to the coursework"

Angela Sower

Exploring Biochemistry, CHMY 591

"Her respectful manner, prompt response to questions, and subject knowledge make this on of the best graduate classes I have taken."

Walt Wollbaugh

Evaluation and Measurement, EDCI 504
Foundations of Action Research, EDCI 505
Implementing Action Research, EDCI 509

"Walt Woolbaugh is a fantastic professor. It is obvious that he truly cares about his students and genuinely is interested in their projects and questions. He...keeps me feeling as though I am making progress and am capable of doing a good job. He is a very supportive person and a great motivator."