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Dr. Peggy Taylor

Applying to the MSSE Program

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"This program is about opening doors, not closing doors! For example, if you are a science educator and lack one or more of the admission requirements, you may enroll as a non-degree graduate student to earn admissions."


The MSSE Program accepts applications for the fall semester, spring semester, and summer session. The deadlines are:

Summer Admission: April 15th
Fall Admission: July 30th
Spring Admission: November 15th

Applicants should have the following:

  • A bachelor's degree in science, science education, elementary/middle school/secondary education, or a related area.
  • At least two years of successful science teaching experience in high school, middle, or elementary or other appropriate educational setting (e.g., museum, community college).
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. (Students with a GPA of less than 3.0 have the opportunity to begin the program as a non-degree student to earn admission.)

How do I apply for admission into the MSSE degree program?

An application for MSU's Graduate School is available at the following website address:  Choose the "Apply NOW!" llink and then click on either the "Online Application" or the "Paper Application". Pre-applications are not required for this program.

In addition to the graduate application and $60 application fee, the following documents are required for admissions to the Master of Science in Science Education program:

  • Official Transcripts - submit transcripts from all bachelors and post-bachelors institutions
  • Three letters of recommendation from your professional setting such as teacher colleagues, school administrators, or undergraduate professors
  • Resume
  • Essay

Suggestions for the Essay:

Write an essay that speaks to your reasons for seeking the Master of Science in Science Education program at MSU.  What are your professional goals and how will this degree assist you to reach them?

Please include details about your professional science education experiences.  Describe your involvement in schools where you teach and/or have taught (such as courses taught or supervisory responsibilities) and informal science education experiences such as work with a nature center, museum, or curriculum committee. You may also describe your experience with computer mediated instruction.

Your essay is an opportunity to tell the admissions committee unique things about your educational background and personal history.  The admissions committee includes science and education faculty members who teach in the program and serve on the program steering committee.  This essay helps them to learn more about you.

Please send documents directly to the following address:

Intercollege Programs for Science Education, MSSE Program
401 Linfield Hall, PO Box 172805
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT  59717-2805

Transfer Credit Information

Graduate level courses/credit taken at another institution may be considered for transfer. There are several guidelines governing use of courses taken at MSU or another institution before being admitted into a specific graduate program. The Graduate School has a nine (9) Credit Transfer/non-degree Policy. Please be sure to contact the MSSE office (406-994-5679) if you have taken previous MSU/MSSE courses or have credits from another university that may be considered for transfer into this program. This is very important for allowing maximum credit transfer.

Graduate Application Checklist

  1. Graduate application (on-line or paper copy)
  2. $60 on-line or paper application fee
  3. Official transcripts in envelopes sealed by each of the institutions (may be sent directly from institution to the MSSE office) or sent electronically directly from the institution to the MSSE office
  4. Three letters of recommendation (may be sent directly to our office via mail or email to
  5. Essay & resume

Additional Steps for International Applicants:

  1. TOEFL scores
  2. Financial certificate and financial documentation (please contact the MSSE office for more information)
  3. Degree certificate(s)
  4. TSE scores if applying for a teaching assistantship


For more information about the Master of Science in Science Education, contact:

MSSE Program Office
Phone:  406-994-5679