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Dr. Peggy Taylor

What Our MSSE Graduates Say!

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"The MSSE program made me a better science teacher by strengthening my content knowledge, making me aware of current issues and approaches in science education, helping me develop resources to aid me in my teaching."

"The summer campus classes were fantastic, class sizes were small with a lot of interaction with the instructors."

"My positive graduate experience with MSSE is due to: (1) wide variety of choices for classes, (2) availability of the instructors and your office staff for questions/concerns, (3) online classes and their mode of delivery, (4) requiring time spent on campus/being able to choose when to be on campus, (5) choices for advisors, (6) accepting applicants from everywhere enriches the learning environment."

"I believe that the education courses are necessary. The courses allow the teacher to focus on their practice and learn new techniques to improve their practice. I also believe that on campus time is necessary. The amount of time can be left to the individual and his/her circumstances."

"There are so many interesting courses to take on campus and I don't think there could ever be enough time to take everything you wanted to take. I like the flexibility in the program and the ability to tailor it to what you can do."

"My students loved the fact that I was in school as well as them. It was a wonderful connection to build relationships."

"The flexible format of the entire program is essential for the positive graduate program. Everyone has different personalities, different needs, and different financial positions. The ability to take as much or as little time on campus or on-line to fit the different situations makes it appealing to all."

"Nothing about this program was negative. Everything was straight forward, seamless, no surprises... all a person had to do is rise to the expectation and meet the challenge."

"In an on-line environment, you get to know your colleagues very well through the discussions. For me, they got to know me far better in the on-line environment than in person because I am not a dominant personality. I only contribute when I have something to enhance, enlighten, or provide a different point of view. In the on-line environment, I'm heard!"

"MSSE made me a better teacher in many ways! First of all, it revealed misconceptions that I've had for 15+ years as an educator. It helped me reflect on what I have my own students do, how I deliver it and how I grade it. My action research project helped me use methodologies to increase how I deliver science, turning my students into learners instead of grade achievers."

"...the variety of courses offered in terms of content as well as a mix of both online and face to face - this is essential. Also, the education courses taking place during the school year is essential to be able to apply, in context, what we are learning."

"I have found no other program that could meet the needs of such a diverse group of teachers."

"Thank you for all of your help during the past three years. I am very happy that I got involved in the MSSE Program. It was the right place for me."

"This program is an excellent opportunity for rural teachers to gain an advanced degree from an established university. My only other option was getting an education degree from a totally internet university to further my career."

"The program is truly outstanding. I would heartily recommend it to any science teacher with whom I come into contact with."

"I talk about this program to anyone that will listen. I couldn't be more pleased with the program."