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Discrepant Event Podcasts

Discrepant events have been used by science educators as an effective teaching strategy to engage students in the learning process.  Discrepant events usually involve a phenomena that is often counter-intuitive and creates cognitive dissonance in the minds of the learners.  When used in conjunction with the 5 E Learning Cycle Model, a discrepant event is the first E:  Engage.  The following podcasts introduce viewers to discrepant events and show several examples.  The science behind the discrepant events is not part of the podcasts, but it is imperative that teachers fully develop the scientific concepts for each discrepant event in order to eliminate the possible creation of misconceptions.  Discrepant events are most powerful when used in conjunction with the disciplinary core idea, but can also be used to support science and engineering practices.

John Graves

Dr. John Graves

Lead Faculty

Intercollege Programs for Science Education
Master of Science in Science Education Program
Montana State University