Dorm rooms are available in Langford Hall for MSSE summer participants.

Langford Hall is located on campus with single and double rooms, a computer lab, and laundry facilities. This is a good residence option if you are attending a 1-week session!

2015 Summer Housing Prices

Prices Double Single
First 14 days $46/night $28/night

Contact Zoe Donovan at Conference Services for more information at 406-994-6583 or

Parking hang-tags are required Monday-Friday for summer housing guests. 


To reserve a room, visit

MSSE Web Registration

or contact:

Conference Services
Zoe Donovan, Summer Housing Coordinator
280F Strand Union, P.O. Box 174150
Bozeman, MT 59717-4150
Phone: 406-994-6583
Fax: 406-994-7070

Mention that you are part of the MSSE Program and indicate the exact dates you plan to be in residence. No deposit is required to make a reservation, but full payment is expected at check-in. Cancellations made less than one week prior to the arrival date will result in a charge of the first night's stay. Charges will be assessed for all reservation dates for any rooms not released by 5pm on the day of check-in. Children under six will be half price. All reservations, changes, and cancellations must be received in writing. Participants can register through the web, email, fax, or mail. No reservations or changes will be accepted by phone. Payment may be made prior to arrival or at the time of check-in. Please make reservations early.

Rooms include linens (two sheets, mattress pad, pillow case, pillow, and blanket), towels, and bath soap. Linens and towels can be changed as often as the guests like by bringing used linens to the front desk in exchange for clean ones.

For safety reasons, a re-key charge of $48.00 will be charged for all lost or damaged keys.

See the Conference Services web page for additional information about room floor plans and information about furniture and equipment.

Food Service


The summer campus cafeteria (Miller Dining Hall) is located across campus. Meal charges and hours are:

Meal Charges Hours

Union Market in Strand Union Building

Meal prices vary. 

Students utilizing the Miller Dining Hall or the Union Market food services can have prearranged billing or use the "One Card" credit system. We suggest you wait until you arrive on campus to explore these options.