The Family and Graduate Housing Office provides information and a housing application at the time of graduate admissions. Plus, housing information can be found at the campus web site. If you prefer an apartment and/or plan to have a family with you on campus this summer you must complete an application to Family and Graduate Housing with a $100 deposit. Housing assignments are made by order of application date, so apply early to increase the chance of getting the unit of your choice! Be sure to indicate the exact dates you plan to be in residence. Please note that rent will be pro-rated for your 6-week stay (i.e. you are not required to rent an apartment for 2 months in order to stay for 6 weeks). Family and Graduate Housing will provide a two-week rental, but at a minimum "one-month" rental fee. They require a 30-day notice to terminate their month to month contract.

All other housing options require a minimum rental charge of 1 month. One-month rent (including utilities) ranges from about $317 per roommate in a 2-bedroom apartment to as much as $750 for a 3-bedroom apartment with amenities. Rates vary depending on location and size of the unit. There are 300 furnished units, but that does not include linen, shower curtain, waste-basket, and cooking/eating utensils. See the Family and Graduate Housing Office web site for more details, including rent and location, for the various types of housing.

A parking pass is included with the rental charge for Family and Graduate Housing units.

Day Care is available for children 2 1/2 years through Kindergarten; several day care homes are situated through out Family and Graduate Housing for younger children.

Pets are not allowed in any campus housing.

For more information about Family and Graduate Housing, contact:

Family and Graduate Housing
1502 West Garfield
Bozeman MT 59714
Phone: (406) 994-3730

Food Service


The summer campus cafeteria (Miller Dining Hall) is located across campus. Meal charges and hours are:

Meal Charges Hours

Union Market in Strand Union Building

Meal prices vary. 

Students utilizing the Miller Dining Hall or the Union Market food services can have prearranged billing or use the "One Card" credit system. We suggest you wait until you arrive on campus to explore these options.