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Earth Science
Civil Engineering/PHSX


Plant Sciences

Required Textbook: The Biomimicry Resource Handbook (hardcover recommended). Available at:

Education Core

Required Courses for Science Educators Enrolled in MSSE only*

Education, Curriculum & Instruction 

  • MSSE 501 Inquiry through Science & Engineering Practices (2 cr) CRN# 32977                                                                                                         *(Required of program, not limited to MSSE students)
MSSE graduate students, please note: 

For MSSE 505, be sure to register for the section with the instructor of your choice using the CRN number provided. 


Education Electives

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NTEN Courses

The Following courses offered by the National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) program have been approved for MSSE programs of study. Information and registration can be found at

NTEN course beginning dates vary

Course list subject to change


  • ERTH 520 Fundamentals of Oceanography for Teachers (3 cr) CRN# 35018
  • ERTH 591 Weather and Climate for Teachers (3 cr) CRN# 35019
  • LRES 583 The Dirt on Soil Science (1 cr) CRN# 34736
  • LRES 585 Water Quality (3 cr) CRN# 34735
  • MB 536 Exploring Microbiology (3 cr) CRN# 33549
  • PHSX 511 Astronomy for Teachers (3 cr) CRN# 33550
  • PHSX 512 General Relativity (3 cr) CRN# 33552
  • PHSX 514 Comparative Planetology: Establishing a Virtual Presence in the Solar System (3 cr) CRN# 33553
  • PHSX 582 Astrobiology for Teachers (3 cr) CRN# 34418
  • PHSX 591 The Science of Sound (1 cr) CRN# TBD


Education Electives

  • EDCI 591 Symbiosis-Eat, Prey and Love (3 cr) CRN# TBD (Elementary teachers only)