MSUii Program Accomplishments - PDF
Financial Aid  
1. Consistent Direct Lending Consistent Direct Lending across all campuses reduces student confusion over options for borrowing money to pay for school expenses.
2. Common IPEDS ReportingCommon IPEDS Reporting across all campuses reduces Financial Aid staff time freeing up more time to personally assist students and parents. IT graphic
3. Year-Round Pell Grant Year-Round Pell Grant enhances student ability to complete degrees faster by allowing them more financial help for summer terms.
4. Shared Reports Shared Reports across all campuses increases efficiency by reducing manual processes that were often replicated on multiple campuses. More time is available for student service, with improved communication, coordination, consistency, and compliance for all campuses.IT graphic
5. Matching Fund Codes Consistent use of fund codes across all four campuses results in easier, faster development time for new reports and quicker analysis of problems.
6. Governor's Presidential Job
Consistently applied criteria for the Governor's Presidential Job Scholarship awards results in a more equitable distribution of awards across all MSU campuses and better student understanding of the process.
1. VA Wire Transfer Redesign of VA GI-Bill wire transfer process reduces manual data entry for both MSU and the state treasurer's office, while ensuring privacy of data for all GI-Bill aid recipients.IT graphic
2. Interest Allocation Web-based application improves efficiency of the allocation of associated interest revenue to the appropriate invested fund balance.IT graphic
3. Purchasing Card Notifications Purchasing Card holders and administrators may opt to receive e-mail notifications when payments are made with a Purchasing Card, improving quality control on purchasing and streamlining administrative procedures.IT graphic
4. NCAA Athletics Reporting Web-based NCAA reporting for Bozeman and Billings provides the ability to analyze financial results by sport/category.IT graphic
5. Commerce Manager Purchase and implementation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant application allows departments to take online credit card payments securely and easily.IT graphic
6. Finance Approval Queues Electronic expense approvals and enhanced reporting allow decentralized data entry of vendor invoices and eliminate a shadow accounting system. The electronic approval process also improves the efficiency and quality of data entry in the central offices.IT graphic
Student Accounts
1. Parent PLUS Automated
Automated process for disbursing Parent PLUS loans enables payments to be made directly to parents without first setting them up as vendors in the accounting system.
Human Resources
1. Conflict Of Interest/Consulting
Four-campus application built within MyApps allows employees to report Conflict of Interest and/or Consulting activities. Automated emails notify employees who are required to complete the reports and provide reminders to department contacts.IT graphic
2. HRAA online training Four-campus application built within MyApps delivers online Affirmative Action training for prevention of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.IT graphic
3. CHOICES Redeployment Consolidating benefit codes across all four campuses allows the University to open a single 4-week enrollment instead of separate 2-week periods, giving employees more time to review and make benefits choices.IT graphic
4. Automated Payroll Processes Moving payroll processes to an automated scheduling system reduces the need for manual intervention on monthly processing.IT graphic
1. Cross-Campus Dashboard Cross-Campus Dashboard allows admissions, registrar's office, and financial aid staff to access all critical information for students from any campus and eliminates the need for to students to provide repeat information for different campuses.IT graphic
2. Transmittal Form New and improved transmittal form works in conjunction with the cross-campus dashboard, simplifying students' ability to transfer from campus to campus.
3. Advisor Dashboard Advisor Dashboard allows advisors to review a student's CORE requirements, current schedule of classes, transcript and course transfer information. It also provides a comments area for advisors to share information and record decisions such as course substitutions, for future advisor use.IT graphic
4. Common Course Numbering Common Course Numbering across the MUS guarantees transfer for courses identified as meeting the same learning outcomes. Such courses are indicated with common numbers and titles. All campuses now use the same course abbreviations (e.g., WRIT for Writing) to reduce confusion and facilitate course transference for students.IT graphic
5. Common Course Evaluation
Implementing a common software system for processing course evaluations across three campuses (Bozeman, Great Falls, Havre) consolidates support and eliminates the need for specialized support staff on multiple campuses.
Information Technology
1. Luminis Banner Channels Luminis portal provides single sign-on access to Banner services including Banner Forms, Self-Service, and ReportWeb. Single sign-on facilitates ease of access for the user community.
2. MyApps in MyInfo MyInfo platform hosts custom applications targeted to business units across all campuses, with centralized reporting capability. Examples include the Conflict Of Interest/Consulting Activities reporting, Vehicle Use Authorization, and HRAA online training.
3. Transaction Processing Streamlined financial transaction processing across all campuses improves re- usability and reduces administrative overhead, while facilitating integration of third- party systems.
4. Server Virtualization Converting the server farm to virtualized machines reduces investment in hardware infrastructure as well as reducing power consumption and space requirements.

indicates an improvement enabled by information technology developed by central or distributed IT personnel in conjunction with business procedure improvements. Improvements specific to the IT team are listed under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.